Introduction :

A leading owner and operator of retirement villages in Australia with 76 villages across Australia needed specialist help to achieve compliance with regulation changes against a fast-approaching deadline, so they approached MDFM.

Problem :

A change in NSW Retirement Living legislation meant that the client needed a compliant Asset Management Plan for their NSW retirement villages. The client’s management recognised that meeting the tight deadline without specialist help would be a challenge for such a large organisation.
Not only would they have to capture extensive asset data and set up an Asset Management Plan, but they also needed to communicate to thousands of residents to explain why this was being done and how and when it would impact their home.

Solution :

  • MDFM planned an asset capture strategy and project timeline that could meet the deadline, and expedited the Asset Management Plan works.
  • MDFM and Client staff planned out a detailed communication strategy, given the significant number of residents who needed to understand the purpose of the exercise and the role of MDFM.
  • MDFM asset capture teams were then deployed across all villages in NSW to digitally capture asset data from each unit, the surrounds and common areas, using Covid safe practices and with minimal disruption to residents.

Results :

  • Compliance was reached within a 5 month timeframe, which was the project allowance.
  • MDFM implemented the Asset Management Plan and has continued to maintain the data on an ongoing basis.
  • The client now has visibility over the assets in their portfolio which contributes invaluable data for asset teams and other decision-makers.
  • At any moment the client can access the latest version of the AMP for existing or prospective residents.
MDFM partners with Australia's leading Retirement Village Organisation
Asset Capture Outdoors Retirement Village MDFM

The Numbers :

Compliance Achieved within 5 Months

Total Visibility of Asset Data as required

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